Examples: scratches, cuts


Unwanted daily injuries could spoil personal wellbeing and cause a lot of worries. Damages of skin surface like scratches, maims, insect bites are small in most cases, but it can cause a lot of discomfort. In case of major wounds, you should seek for medical assistance, but minor and moderate damages can be treated at home. Treatment of wounds in due time will heal them faster and prevent you from infection.

How to regenerate skin in cases of scratches and cuts

  • Wash a wound with clean hands and warm water to clean it from dirt. You may also use hydrogen peroxide solution.
  • Dry the wound with a gauze pad.
  • Apply on the damaged surface a thin layer of a therapeutic agent. It will promote cell division and formation of new skin tissue.
  • Apply a breathable cloth on damaged area to protect it from negative effect of outside environment and small injuries.
  • Do not forget to continue a care for the injured area until your skin heals completely.