Examples: scalding with hot water, caused by hot object touching or flame


Burns usually makes us feel uncomfortable and they heal much longer than other wounds. Most part of us at least once in a life has suffered from sunburns or other kinds of burns – their first signs are redness, irritation or itchiness, also small swelling and even in serious cases – ulcers. The consequences of burns might be very severe. That is the reason why it is so important to start the treatment as fast as possible.

How to restore skin in case of minor burns

  • The burnt body area should be quickly and adequately cooled down by applying cold water spray or dipping in clean, cold (best – running) water.
  • Apply Recreol® cream to a thin layer on the affected skin surface – the active ingredients in the cream will promote cell division and the formation of new skin tissue*.
  • If necessary, cover the damaged area with air-permeable material, which will protect against the effects of the external environment and subsequent microtraumas.
  • Apply Recreol® cream once or twice a day until the skin heals*.

* Recreol ® cream Instructions for Use.

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