In everyday life our skin often suffers from hasty rhythm and unexpected situations. In these moments there is a high possibility to damage skin and get scratches and small scars. Even small scratch which seems unimportant can cause uncomfortable pain and severe discomfort you will want to get out of as fast as possible.   

Most part of scratches are small damages of skin, which could be treated at home – to provide fast regeneration, our skin needs special care. 


How to restore skin in case of abrasions and minor wounds. 

  • Wash the wound with clean hands with lukewarm water to clean it from dirt. In addition, to cleanse the wound, you can also use hydrogen peroxide. Wipe the wound with a gauze swab. 
  • Apply RECREOL® ointment in a thin layer on the affected skin surface – the active ingredients in the ointment will promote cell division and the formation of new skin tissue*. 
  • If necessary, cover the damaged area with air-permeable material, which will protect against the effects of the external environment and subsequent microtraumas. 
  • Apply RECREOL® ointment once or several times a day until the skin heals*. 


*RECREOL® ointment Instructions for use.